Idaho governor wants more cuts to state regulations

Idaho with state flag in background (Source: MGN)
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BOISE, Idaho (AP) - Idaho Gov. Brad Little and other top elected officials say pruning thousands of pages of administrative rules could become standard practice each year.

Little, House Speaker Scott Bedke and Senate President Pro Tem Brent Hill, all Republicans, said Friday that additional cuts and fine-tuning is needed to the state's administrative code.

The rules include such things as protecting consumers, homeowners, the environment and school children, and are a product of the state's obscure but important negotiated rulemaking process that involves public participation.

Little's office recently completed cutting or simplifying what he says is 40 percent of Idaho's administrative rules.

He says he wants to see that increase to up to 60 percent of all state regulations by the end of this year.

Backers have consistently said the health and safety of Idahoans won't be put at risk with the cuts.

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