Idaho high school replaces "Braves" mascot

Exterior of Boise High School (Source: Google Earth 2018)
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BOISE, Idaho (AP) - The Boise School District has unanimously approved a plan to change the mascot of Boise High School from the "Braves" to the "Brave."

Boise High officials announced the plan earlier this month amid concerns that the previous mascot was offensive and disrespectful to Native American tribes indigenous to the region.

The change follows the decision of Teton High School in eastern Idaho to retire its "Redskins" mascot in July, and comes with the support of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes, which has asked the state government to ban all Native American mascots.

Boise High School Principal Robb Thompson said during the board meeting Monday that the new mascot, "Brave," represents a character trait and not a cultural or ethnic caricature. The school will host a student contest to design a new logo, and officials say it will take up to five years to fully switch out the old logos and mascot names on the Boise High School campus.

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