Idaho highway closed after multi-vehicle crash, 33 injured

Idaho State Police responded to a crash Wednesday on US Highway 20, near mile marker 273, by the Idaho National Laboratory involving an INL bus, a fuel tanker and two other vehicles. (Source: Idaho State Police)
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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (AP) — An Idaho highway will remain closed as law enforcement works to clean up spilled diesel fuel from a multi-vehicle crash that left 33 people injured.

Idaho National Laboratory officials say the crash involved a bus carrying 30 of its employees Wednesday on U.S. Highway 20.

Authorities say a fuel tanker, two government vehicles and two private vehicles were also involved in the crash.

Laboratory officials say 33 people were transported to the Central Facilities Area Medical Dispensary and all injuries appeared to be minor.

Authorities say the fuel tank was punctured and spilled about 3,000 gallons of diesel fuel. An investigation is underway. 

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