Idaho meets REAL ID Act by extension date

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - The deadline for states to comply with the REAL ID Act will come quickly and Idaho's extension to be compliant ends mid-October.

Eddy Cordova, a customer at the Department of Motor Vehicles, came in to get a new license after moving back into Twin Falls from Phoenix.

He normally travels for business and traveling means you need identification.

"That was one of my concerns," Cordova continues, "I have to travel again in about three weeks so I wanted to make sure that I have everything in place before I travel again."

You cannot travel with a temporary ID.

"Right now, the temporaries that are issued in our office are not acceptable as a loan document so you have to have another acceptable form of identification," says Sherry Amerson, supervisor of the Twin Falls County Driver's License.

Starting 2018, after you get a temporary ID, you will get a Star Card, which will satisfy the REAL ID Act requirements that all states have to meet.

"The only difference for the new real ID is that there will be a star on it," she says.

The star will make a big difference in the future.

"It just allows you to use one document to be able to board planes, access federal buildings versus several documents," says Amerson.

Come Oct. 2020, if traveling, you should get one unless you use another form of ID such as a passport.

"It's going to be required that you do have that real ID card or you have to have very, very limited specific documents," she says.

That means, although Cordova just received a new ID, he'll have to come back and get a Star Card within the next couple of years.

The DMV will start issuing Star Cards early 2018 and in Oct. 2020, travelers will have to either have a Star Card or another form of identification.

Star Cards are not necessary to drive or purchase alcohol.

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