Idaho potato shortage rumor cleared

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Consumers are worried about the possibility of not having enough French fries, after this year's potato shortage.

Between Oct. 9 and 11, a cold spell impacted 15 percent of the potato crop in Idaho. (Source: CNN)

Between Oct. 9 and 11, a cold spell impacted 15 percent of the potato crop in Idaho, but 85 percent was already harvested, according to Frank Muir, the Idaho Potato Commission President and CEO.

That was 13 billion pounds of potatoes, down from about 14 billion pounds last year.

"That's enough potatoes if you made that into one huge pile. It would be enough to fill a football stadium end zone to end zone one mile high," Muir tells KMVT.

Although this has been a difficult year for some farmers in Idaho, it is much worse in certain parts of the Midwest and in Canada.

Albert Lewis, a resident in Twin Falls, said he knows a few farmers out in Burley and Pocatello, and they've harvested just fine this year.

"It wasn't as productive as they thought they would have, but they have got good produce," Lewis said.

So, for all the French fries lovers out there, don't panic. People can still order as many fries as they want.

Muir said he wants to "minimize the fears of a French fries famine," adding, "I think we're going to meet our consumer's needs and demands."

However, the only thing that may change is a slight price increase in retail and at restaurants — and that's note even guaranteed.

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