Idaho troops getting ready for 29-day training

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IDAHO (KMVT/KSVT) Idaho Army National Guard troops are getting ready to leave on a 29-day training exercise in California next week.

Idaho Army National Guard begins loading equipment for a 29-day training at Fort Irwin, California.

The training exercise will take place at Fort Irwin, California, from May 24 through June 21.

Soldiers from Idaho Army National Guard’s 116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team have spent the week getting ready at the Orchard Combat Training Center.

Pfc. Isaac Kosmann explained what they’ve been doing.

"What we're doing is taking all these vehicles and these compounds, and we're loading them up on these trains and we're sending them out every day. So we got I think six trains going out, and every day they break the train down, put 'em on, head it out,” Kosmann said.

1st Lt. Natasha Juch, from Jerome, explained that more than 1,000 vehicles will be loaded onto the train, headed to the National Training Center at Fort Irwin.

"Right now we're just getting equipment railed and loaded for arrival at NTC, it's the National Training Center, it's where we go... and it's basically like a force-on-force training exercise, just to see how prepared we are,” Juch said.

Maj. Samuel McDowell explained what they will be doing there.

"So we go down and conduct our war time activities down there, we're evaluated on that, against what we call a near peer threat," he said. "We call it decisive action, where were, it's a tank on tank fight. And we're evaluated on how well we are executing those tasks."

Basically, soldiers from 15 states, will be going toe to toe.

The 29-day training exercise at Fort Irwin will prove whether or not they're ready for combat. It’s a team effort to get all the equipment loaded, but there's one group in particular McDowell wanted to thank.

"Obviously this is not doable whatsoever without community support, without family, without the support and love of community and family," McDowell said.

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