UPDATE: Idaho volunteers to help Hurricane Dorian victims

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Four Red Cross volunteers from Idaho were deployed just a few days ago to the East Coast to help out with Hurricane Dorian relief efforts, and one Jerome woman is currently on standby.

Idaho volunteers were sent to the East Coast to help Hurricane Dorian victims (Red Cross/Matt Ochsner)

"When there is a disaster on a national level the database in Idaho receives orders to be filled by the workers in Idaho," said Diana Ochsner, who will know on Monday if she will assist Hurricane Dorian victims. "They would go in and match the jobs that we are all trained for and that's how they will determine when and where we go."

Three volunteers from Boise were deployed to Florida, and one from Meridian was sent to Georgia, said Matt Ochsner, communications director of Red Cross for Idaho and Montana. Matt Ochsner and Diana Ochsner are not related.

"They've been with us and gotten through quite a bit of training," Ochsner said. "Many of them have deployed to local disasters here in Idaho, and they have gotten through all of the steps they needed to deploy to a natural disaster."

He added Red Cross along with their community partners opened about 170 evacuations shelters in the East Coast, and by Monday night, 12,000 people stayed at those shelters.

Although Hurricane Dorian has weakened, the Red Cross is prepared to increase their services depending on the severity of the storm.

Below are some ways people can donate to help with the hurricane relief:

1) Go to RedCross.org
2) Call 1800- RED CROSS
3) Text the word "DORIAN" to the number "9099" to make a $10 donation

Also, due to the hurricane, about 50 blood drives in the impacted areas were canceled. Blood is scarce at the moment. Therefore, Ochsner encourages people to find a blood drive near them to make a blood donation, and the entire process typically takes about an hour.

"One blood donation can save up to three lives," he said.

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