Burglary at Bear Claw Trading Post under investigation

SHOSHONE, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Assistant Manager of the Bear Claw Trading Post Scott Ward said he's concerned following a Saturday morning burglary where the perpetrators took mostly money and jewelry he says.

"Pretty scary to know somebody could do something like this," Ward said. "We just hope they don't get away it., that's the biggest thing."

Ward says he'd like not to release too many details on the specifics of what happened, but that the break-in was done in a "unique" way and that their still working on a dollar amount of what was taken.

Lincoln County Sheriff, Rene King, said the Sheriff's Department can't release further details at this time other than they're currently investigating a break-in at the trading post, which is expected to have taken place Saturday morning.

Ward said he'd like people to be on the look out for anyone selling jewelry, specifically necklaces, and to inform the Lincoln County's Sheriff's Office if they have any information regarding the break-in.

"I assure we're still opened up and running," Ward said. " We may seem a little jittery or on edge when you first come. But under the circumstances I think someone else would be too."

You contact the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office at (208)886-2250.

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