Irrigation shutdown is coming up for Twin Falls

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The city of Twin Falls is in the process of shutting down and winterizing its 22 pressurized irrigation systems. Sometime this week residents may see water running down gutters and shooting out of manholes, as these systems are being drained and eventually blown out. Also, the city recommends homeowners do the same to prevent any potential damage to pipes as the temperature drops.

As the temperature drops, Twin Falls prepares to shut down and winterize their irrigation systems. (Source: KMVT)

"A suggestion from us would be if you have bull valves, leave them half on and half off in the half opened or closed position so that the water can evacuate from them so they won't freeze and break," says Ryan Baumann, water supply supervisor.

Shutting down, draining and blowing out sprinkler systems may also prevent any debris that has built up over the season, and helps for an easier start up once spring rolls back around.

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