Twin Falls reminds pet owners to renew dog licenses

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The city of Twin Falls is reminding people that it's time to license your dog again, seeing as it's a new year.

Dog owners have until Jan. 31 to license their dogs (Source: KMVT).

This is a city ordinance for all people who live within the city limits of Twin Falls.

Debbie Blackwood, the Twin Falls Animal Shelter director, says it's a very important ordinance and one people forget about often.

Dog licensing is like being registered to own the animal. The license is also helpful if the dog happens to run away, that way someone will know that it belongs to someone, and it will be easier to reunite the animal with the owner.

"I want people to look at it as a registration, and not just as another thing, a regulatory thing. It's really nice, to have your dog displaying it's an ID tag, plus it makes you legal, and it helps get animals home," Blackwood said.

It costs $10 to register a fixed dog, and $25 to register an intact dog. Dog owners have until Jan. 31 to do so.

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