Jackpot Fire Department seeks to build new fire station

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JACKPOT, Nevada (KMVT/KSVT) The Jackpot Fire Department and Twin Falls Community Foundation are working together to build a new fire station for the town.

Jackpot, Nevada, seeks to build a new fire station (KMVT/Ricardo Coronado)

Jackpot Fire Chief Brian Hugill said the current station has limited space for their equipment, fire and emergency vehicles.

"A lot of our equipment is outside or stored in another facility," Hugills aid. "For certain things like I have a 4,000 gallon water tender that has to be somewhere else because of the fact there are no fire hydrants on the US-93."

The proposed project is to improve the living headquarters for firefighters and provide the necessary training or resources for the department.

"We're only one of few here in the state of Nevada that does a full-time volunteer service from ambulance services to fire to home inspections," said Hugill.

According to the Twin Falls Community Foundation's website, there is a donor that is willing to contribute to the cost of build the new fire station, but the foundation is seeking additional donations to complete the project.

"We have a donor at this time, she'd like to remain anonymous until we get into the process," Hugill said.

The plan is to build the new fire station near the Jackpot Golf Course. The

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