Jackpot pursues new senior center to meet community's needs

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JACKPOT, Nevada (KMVT/KSVT) A new senior center is in the works for the senior community in Jackpot.


Jackpot Fire Chief Brian Hugill said there's a big need to support senior residents in the area.

"Because these people have no access to anything other than the local stores, the fire department will go up after they've been transported to the hospital, we'll go up and pick up these members of our community, these elderly, and we've seen they're pretty much been forgotten," Hugill said.

Bruce Ririe serves as a board advisory member for the senior project. Ririe said they've gathered input from the community about senior's needs, and they're looking at all aspects to have the center be successful.

The former Jackpot Judicial Building will serve as the senior center, which is located behind the Jackpot Fire Station.

"We were very fortunate the Wells Judicial system and court found in their heart to donate this building back to us," Ririe said.

Ririe said the casinos, restaurants and members of the community have reached out to them to help in any way they can. Ririe said they're clearing out all the old furniture and items from the building.

Jackpot resident Charles Cummings said he's very thrilled about a new senior center opening up.

"I look forward to having that fellowship of the different people," Cummings said.

There will be a meeting on Thursday, inviting Jackpot residents to learn about the new senior center at 6 p.m. at the former Judicial Building.

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