Jenks Family Grill serves up 29 years of food and fun

Published: Aug. 31, 2018 at 7:57 PM MDT
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Whether you're looking for your traditional corn dogs and funnel cakes, or something more unique, the Twin Falls County Fair has something for the food lover in you.

For the Jenks, the county fair becomes a family affair.

"Family and those that we don't run off that become friends," said owner Dallas Jenks.

The stand brings their family back to the Magic Valley each summer, for the fair and a few other events.

"I have kids a long ways away and when they come that's so nice because that's like a reunion for us," Dallas said.

Along with the family dynamic, the Jenks also have some unique menu items.

"One of the things we do is we do onions on everything," Dallas said. "So you can have onions on top of any item you purchase."

They serve up those onions, with some signature sass, describing a lot of onions as "formal", a regular amount as "casual", a small amount as "bikini" and no onions and "naked".

If you aren't ready for it, the family yelling orders of "cheese naked!" can catch you off guard.

"You get the disapproving old people, like, why would you yell that," said Dallas' son Crayson Jenks. "But lot of people just laugh and have a good time and think it's fun."

After 29 years of flipping burgers and deep frying just about everything, Dallas said there's a reason they keep coming back.

"It's long days, it's hard work, but I really like my customers and I enjoy seeing them every year," he said.

And he said he and his family get the same love in return.

"I have a lot of repeat customers and I like being here for them," he said. "I probably wouldn't be here if I didn't feel that connection."

He added, their family hopes to keep being a part of the fair for years to come, "We're looking forward to our 30th year."

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