Jerome police discuss drugs in the community with chamber of commerce members

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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Jerome Police Department is taking action after 137 reported drug-related offenses last year. However, those numbers do not included incidents in the community not reported to the department.

"It affects our kids, it affects our workplaces," said Police Chief Dan Hall as he refers to drugs.

He said the numbers as far as arrests are a small portion of the drug availability in the community.

"We're not talking about what we don't catch," he said.

These numbers were presented Wednesday to the Jerome Chamber of Commerce.

However, the numbers weren't too surprising to attendee Brian Birdwell.

"We know that there is drug use in the area," he said. "I guess, if I was anything, being surprised that there's not a lot of large trafficking. It's more local individual cases and things like that."

Birdwell said numbers don't really matter in this situation.

"There's a problem and we need to address those problems as best as we can," he said. "Whether it's a 1,000, 100 or 10. It is an issue."

The one drug police find more often in Jerome is marijuana.

"Most of the time these cases result in someone getting arrested for another offense and then during that arrest, we find they are in possession of marijuana," Hall said.

Hall believes talking about the drug issues with the community can help spread more awareness.

"My biggest suggestion is don't ignore it. Try to get that person help," Hall said. "I’ve just challenged people to be more educated about it and to discuss that with their kids before it becomes a problem. Talk about the bad things that drugs can do and try to get them pointed in that right path and keep reinforcing that idea. One time is not enough. It’s got to be part of your daily life and you gotta encourage positive behaviors."

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