Jerome County requests aid after rough winter costs more than $3.4 million

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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Jerome City officials remain slammed with road repairs from recent flooding.

Image of pothole damage on South Lincoln. Courtesy: City of Jerome Public Works Department

In tonight's city council meeting, Public Works Director Walt Appell explains the latest on damages.

He tells us most of the damages are found on arterial roads. So far, the bill for damages totals up to at least $3.4 million. They only have $150,000-$180,000 for road repairs and $120,000 for chip seal set aside in their budget.

"I've been with the City almost 28 years. It's the worst I've seen," described Appell.

Now they are seeking aid through disaster services through the county.

"We have contacted the state, met with the governor and his staff. They are looking to submit for a presidential declaration, which will bring FEMA into the picture," said Appell.

They expect FEMA to be in town next week to asses requests.

Federal will cover 75 percent of aid, while the state and local jurisdiction will be responsible for 25 percent.

Just like many other cities, they are currently putting a temporary patch in potholes in efforts to make it safer for travel.

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