Jerome County sees low voter turnout

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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - In Jerome County, two commissioner seats and the county sheriff primary are on the ballot.

Voter turnout was low Tuesday in Jerome County.

Only a fraction of Jerome County's 7,500 registered voters are expected to turn out Tuesday for the Idaho primaries, but the ones we spoke with felt it was important to get out and get their voices heard.

“I think that our county is pretty heavily Republican,” said one person.

A number of county positions are on the Republican ballot. County commissioner seats are up to a vote in district No. 2 between incumbent Charles Howell and challenger Mike Dahmer.

In District No. 3, incumbent Roger Morley is being challenged by B. Roy Prescott. Challenging Maxine Bell for State Legislative District No. 25 is Reggy Sternes.

Northeast Precinct Judge Judi Fredericksen says more people have come in than she expected due to contested races.

"We have a contested in District No. 25 there was a contested ballot and then we have a contest for sheriffs and whenever you have that going, you're going to have more people," Frederiscksen said.

While the lines haven't been out the door all day, Fredericksen says there will be a rush hour when voters get off of work.

"Around 5 or 5:30 when everyone gets out of work we really get a long line going, but we're always able to accommodate them and we always have one person who comes in at 8:01 to vote and that's the hard part, but yeah we'll be busy later on today," she said.

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