Jerome High School implements new safety features, pedestrian street signs and stop the bleed tool kits

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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) At Jerome High School a Change for Safety and Stop the Bleed Projects was presented to students as a way to get them involved in the community.

Several students joined in and were assigned to raise some funds for safety pedestrian traffic signs and stop the bleed kits.

Guillermo Garcia is the school's resource officer, he said the students were able to participate in an investigation on how fast cars were going through Tiger Drive, which is one of the most used streets around the campus.

"There was a quite a lot that were speeding," said Jerome High sophomore Isabel Martinez. "It was scary. The thought of me or family members getting hurt because of their actions, because of them not being cautious, it was a really scary thought."

After their in-depth investigation, the students used the research on what they learned and reached out to local businesses to get donations.

Mike Williams is the city's administrator and said the the city helped out to fund the projects.

"We tried our best to fund science and safety items in our budgets from year to year, and this is one we could've of done, but it would of taken multiple years to save the funding in order to do so," Williams said.

Two signs were placed on Tiger Drive, about 61 emergency lock down bucket kits and about 11 Stop the Bleed tool kits will be in installed in certain designation areas in the high school.

"No matter how quick first responders are able to get to a mass casualty event, the bystanders are in the event are usually the first aid on scene," Jerome Fire Department Deputy Fire Chief Mike Harrison said.

Donations for the projects came from Jerome School District, County of Jerome, Jerome Fire Department, Jerome City Firefighters Association, Black Oil Company, Canyon Falls Dental, Farmers Bank, Jerome Chamber of Commerce, Idaho Central Credit Union and Joe C. Rose.