Jerome High School opens house for tour of new addition

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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Wednesday was the public open house for the brand new additions to Jerome High School and people from just about every graduating class came out.

Whether they graduated in the 60s, or they haven't even made it to high school yet, hundreds of people from Jerome wanted to see the changes that they say were a long time coming.

A brand new entryway, gym, and cafeteria on the inside, and a plaque and memorial walkway on the outside—not to mention upgraded classrooms.

The school's principal is also new this year, and he said these changes are good for the students as they are coming into a new year.

“It's a huge morale boost,” said Nathan Tracy, the new principal at Jerome High. “The kids feel so much pride just coming in to this brand new facility, seeing a brand new cafeteria that gives them so much more space. The gym itself is just tremendous.”

These bricks outside are part of a fundraiser to give mini grants to teachers at Jerome. You buy the brick, choose a message to have inscribed, and it's in front of the school forever.

If you’re interested in purchasing a brick, you can go to the Jerome School District Foundation link.

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