Jerome commissioners approve safety, shooting ordinance for Snake River Canyons Park

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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Come May 1, recreators in the Snake River Canyons Park will be met with new rules for shooting, off-roading, horse riding and other activities.

The Jerome County Commissioners approved a new ordinance to address the safety issues with more visitors to the park and nearby populations.

The commissioners issued a news release Wednesday briefly outlining the short term and long term plans for much of the area north of the Snake River Canyon between U.S. Highway 93 and Interstate 84.

In the short-term, most of the shooting will be concentrated in the eastern end of the park, east of 700 E. Road and north of Canyon Drive with restrictions in the western portion of the park, and the part of the park that is west of US-93.

The long-term solution is to create a “new, organized and safe shooting range” on the north side of I-84. The commissioners estimate the formation of the new shooting range could take two to three years. The new range will be contingent upon input, approval and funding, the news release said.

Leading up to the May 1, when the ordinance goes into effect, the Snake River Canyons Park board will place signs in the affected areas. Officials also look to install a kiosk with a large map, explaining the park, boundaries and the restricted shooting areas.

Anyone with questions is encouraged to reach out to the county commissioners.

Check back for updates.

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