Jerome County jail talks response to inmate 'hunger strike'

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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — KMVT received a few calls on Wednesday about a hunger strike at the Jerome County jail, and said the strike had lasted for at least four days.

Marisela Ibarra, the lieutenant at the Jerome County Jail, explained that it didn’t last that long.

"It was for five meals, so a day and a half," she said. "It was just a certain pod, and they were complaining about the food portions and them losing weight."

The seven men on strike were upset with their food portion sizes, and Ibarra explained that it is all done by the provider.

"We do contract with Summit Food Services. We have a nutritionist that approves our menus, and all this is taken care of by Summit,” Ibarra explained.

Ibarra also said they took care of those who complained about weight loss.

"The inmates that were complaining about their weight loss were seen by medical. We got with our food service provider and we discussed if there were any issues with the food portions,” Ibarra said.

Ibarra also explained that complaints are reviewed by administration.

KMVT also reached out to viewers who called to report the strike. The viewers either declined or didn't return calls before the story aired.

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