Jerome films mock crash of 'Every 15 Minutes'

Provided by: Wendy Wright, Jerome High School
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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Each year, schools across the nation stage a deadly traffic collision to instill the severe consequences of drinking alcohol and texting while driving.

It's a program called "Every 15 Minutes." Every 15 minutes, someone in the country dies from an alcohol related traffic collision.

Jerome High School senior class secretary Sierra Gibbons said they showed a live display of a staged fatal crash in front of the school a couple years ago, but thought it took away from the experience.

"It took away a lot of class time because they had to make sure all the student body got outside and then they brought us back inside for the rest of the assembly," Gibbons explained.

This year, they decided to go a different direction. This week, student body leaders filmed the mock crash to show in a video in its upcoming assembly, mainly to make it look as realistic as possible.

From first responders to damaged vehicles and scars and bruises on those involved, students created a video to show in the assembly. At the same time, first responders used the opportunity as training.

"We did a for real phone call with 911, and we were in our spots, and we treated it like a real car accident that they would be taking care of," added Gracie Anderson, sophomore class vice president.

Looking back, Anderson recalled a fatal crash in the area that happened months ago, affecting the school.

"It affected a girl in my grade, and she lost all her family to a distracted driver," she said. "That was a huge thing that happened in our school, and it was a big deal."

With prom, graduations and parties coming up, the timing is crucial to get the message across about distracted driving and driving under the influence.

The school will hold the assembly next Thursday.

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