Jerome woman shares her horrific airline experience

Tammy Spears from Jerome, shares with KMVT her experience on American Airlines.
Tammy Spears from Jerome, shares with KMVT her experience on American Airlines.(KMVT)
Published: Sep. 27, 2019 at 10:32 PM MDT
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A woman from Jerome called KMVT after a horrible flight from Salt Lake City to Charlotte, North Carolina a few weeks ago, an event that she says never should have happened... and she wants to share her story to prevent others from enduring the same experience.

Tammy Spears is an amputee and she was traveling to see her sister who lives in Virginia.

Tammy says she called ahead to American Airlines to warn them that she would be needing wheelchair assistance.

She tells KMVT, that an hour into the flight when she told the flight attendant that she needed to use the bathroom, the crew went to look for the wheelchair, but they couldn't find it anywhere.

The flight attendant told Tammy they forgot to put the wheelchair on the plane.

"So they came up with the idea of having first class on the right hand side get up out of their seats and stand back in the plane and hoping I could scoot from chair to chair to chair," Tammy explains. I tried to explain to her, I can't walk to the chair, I'm an amputee. so then, they said okay well, how about getting on the floor, and that's what I did. I crawled or scooted on my bottom all the way through first class, people staring at me looking at me, this nurse did get up, she was a passenger, she was wonderful."

In a statement American Airlines says that flights over 60 passengers must have an on-board wheelchair, but they go on to say that advance notice must be given.

"Airlines must equip aircraft that have more than 60 passenger seats with accessible lavatories with an on-board wheelchair. The airline may require passengers to provide an advance notice to receive this accommodation. The information I received from the flight attendants on your flight say an advanced notice was not received," American Airlines said in a statement.

"I can't be the only one who has a handicap you know, it's like I think about what if my mother or something was on that plane, she can't crawl on the floor, I could barely do it. It's exhausting it's just my injuries are blown up, it's just not right what they are doing. it's not," Tammy says.

This was Tammy's first time traveling on a plane in 16 years... and she tells KMVT she will never fly American Airlines again but she is thankful for the nurse who helped her.