KMVT employee wins lifetime achievement award

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The year is 1975, minimum wage is $2.10 an hour, Wheel of Fortune premieres on NBC and a young man from Montana moves to Idaho for his very first job in television.

"I came to Twin Falls thinking I’d like to work here for a few years, build up my resume and then move on," said Tom Frank. "But, the town captured my heart."

Frank brought with him his passion, charisma and new ideas to the Gem state. He is now the KMVT Creative Services Director.

"There’s been a lot of other folks who’ve gone on to the network level that I've kinda taken some joy and pride in watching their careers," said Frank.

Matt Hartgrave worked in the promotions department with Tom Frank for several years.

"Tom is an enormous part of this community," said Hartgrave. "But he is a behind the scenes guy. He’s always been a behind the scenes guy. Here, in the community and everywhere he’s at, where he’s behind the scenes, he’s making things better, for everyone."

He takes his civic responsibility seriously, previously holding positions on Urban Renewal, Planning and Zoning and most recently the Airport Advisory Committee as well as other organizations.

"I’ve wanted to stay involved in this community that’s given me so much," said Frank.

He quickly became a friend to all, a mentor to many.

"Doing those things and working with some of our newer employees is one of the highlights of my career," said Frank.

Now, he’s being honored with a lifetime achievement award, from the Idaho State Broadcasters Association.

"You kinda check your watch and say well this is where I physically check out? Because sometimes lifetime achievement awards are awarded after the lifetime," said Frank.

His former employees say they’re glad he’s not done yet.

"I know the station will go on," said Hartgrave. "But will it ever be the same if he’s not here? I hope he’s got a few years left in him because he’s good at what he does and i hope he keeps doing it and sharing it with people."

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