Kimberly FFA hosts Donkey Basketball

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KIMBERLY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Donkey teams hailing from Donkey's Incorporated based out of Washington state travel around the northwest for events.

March 9 they were in the L.A. Thomas gymnasium in Kimberly for an FFA hosted fundraiser.

There were four human teams competing in tournament style of play, the Kimberly FFA, firefighters, the Do it for Dylan Organization and Rising Stars Therapeutic Riding Program.

The donkeys are good sports, and go with the flow of the games.

"Everybody always thinks that they're going to get hurt or they're going to run off or they're going to get kicked," said donkey handler Bailey Wick. "These guys are super calm, know their job, they've done this a thousand different times. They totally just go in the gym, do their thing, come back out eat their hay, that's all they do."

Besides proceeds from admission there were dessert and meat raffles to also raise money.

Event coordinators were trying to figure out how many years the donkey basketball game has been going on and the consensus was over 30 years.

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