Kimberly man nominated for CNN national award for volunteer efforts

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Luke Mickelson is Idaho born and raised. He refers to himself as a farm boy from Kimberly who found a need.

KMVT’s Morgan Rumpf met with him to discuss his latest accomplishment.

The Facebook post read: "Looking for a family that is in desperate need of a bunk bed..." It was posted Dec. 2, 2012 by Luke Mickleson.

"I was born in Idaho, grew up here in Kimberly, I'm a Kimberly Bulldog," Mickelson said.

A farm boy from little Kimberly, Idaho who just wanted to give back to his community.

"To see kids sleeping in the situations that they are sleeping in, I just couldn't stand it," that’s when Mickelson had an idea to build bunkbeds for those sleeping on the floor.

Fast-forward 60 months later and what started out as a home garage shop has grown to a 501(c)3 non-profit spanning 40 states and growing.

"I just had no idea that there was that big of a need and that there was that many people in the community that wanted to help,” explained Mickelson.

After being featured in national television shows then came an unexpected message.

"It was just a voice message and so I listened to it, and in garbled words because it was muffled I thought I heard CNN Hero," Mickelson said.

Mickelson heard right. After an initial two hour interview, two months of silence where he almost forgot about it, while at his son’s track meet he got another phone call.

"Again they did kind of another little half hour interview and then just explained that they had selected me as a CNN hero," Mickelson said.

SHP had made the top ten, and won $10,000. Now the world has the opportunity to select the Hero of the Year and awarding another $100,000.

"If you feel so inclined, we ask people to vote for Sleep in Heavenly Peace and help us raise that money because that will help us build our foundation here and help get more kids off the floor."

Voting is open now until Dec. 4., all nominees will be in New York City and find out then who the winner is.

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