Kimberly remembers one of their own

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KIMBERLY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The city of Kimberly is morning the loss of one of its own, after the young man passed away following a head-on crash on Nov. 16.

Cowboy boots for donations were a fitting way to remember the 15-year-old Rowdy Hopkins, who loved bull riding and the FFA.

Trevor Hammond, a friend and classmate of Hopkins, remembered him as a fun kid.

"Always had a smile on his face, hardworking, always had some smart funny jokes to make about everything, always just lighting up the mood with all the problems we had,” Hammond stated.

Hopkins passed away on Nov. 27, but rather than cancelling the benefit, they still held it.

Nick Bybee, a friend and classmate of Hopkins, explained what would happen with the funds.

"We set up a breakfast for his, to raise some money for his hospital bills. And now it will be for his funeral cost too,” Bybee explained.

David Owens, a former coach of Rowdy’s, also helped organized the event.

"It's all about having the breakfast, having a place for people to come, mourn if they need to, having people come in here and donate, giving people a place to donate. It's been good,” Owens said.

Owens also explained that the fundraiser had two purposes.

"It is mourning the loss, but more it's a celebration of his life, right? It's a wonderful 15 years that that young man got to bless us with, you know? And it's been incredible to see this community of Kimberly come together for this family,” Owens said.

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