Kimberly school board candidates host public forum ahead of election.

KIMBERLY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The city of Kimberly hosted a forum Monday to allow each of the school board candidates to introduce themselves.

The Kimberly Education Association hosts public forum ahead of Nov. 5 election. (Source: KMVT)

About 50 people came to Kimberly Middle School to hear from the candidates.

Each candidate shared a little about themselves, and why they think they would make a good member of the school board.

For the Nov. 5 election, five people are running to be on the school board. Dyllon Cunningham, Danae Klimes and Chad Allen are running for the Zone 1 seat and incumbent Myron Nield and Bryce Stanger are running for the Zone 5 seat.

Only two will be selected though.

The head of Kimberly Education Association and high school math teacher Darin Gonzales shares what a member of the school board would do if elected.

“With the support of the superintendent, you are making budgetary decisions, hiring staff, you know Kimberly is growing, so we have a long term growth committee, short term growth committee, just kind of trying to navigate into the future, and maintain high standards, reviewing board policy, making sure things are running according to the state, making sure we are in line with everything we are supposed to be doing,” Gonzales said.

They will also hire and retain staff, and have high expectations for the students and staff of Kimberly.

Read more information about the candidates and contested races on KMVT's Election Headquarters page

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