Large semi trucks can be a scare on the roads during winter weather

TWIN FALLS, Id. (KMVT / KSVT) The winter conditions aren't the only thing to keep an eye out for on the roads.

Large semi trucks can also be a scare to drivers as they pass by.

"We usually just run about 60 to 65 with the snow coming down to keep everything kosher and not sliding off the road,” said Breston Mildfeldt, Werner Enterprise Driver.

This is Mildfeldt's first year driving and says it has been nerve–wracking at times with the icy conditions and deadline.

As a driver, you may feel these trucks still going by you at a high pace however some companies aren't as lenient about their timing of when the products are delivered.

"Some places are, the load I'm on now not really understanding. They want it there now and the weather is not letting us get it there. I mean they are just going to have to wait for it,” said Mildfeldt.

Gene Austin has been driving since 1973 and has experienced numerous harsh winter seasons.

"When there's snow and ice we have to do what we have to do to get it there safely. It's basically slow down and watch out for the other guy,” said Gene Austin, TJS Driver.

Idaho State Police see a large number of slides off and crashes due to roadways getting snow on them and then icing over.

They also see drivers traveling too fast for the road conditions.

Large trucks tend to have a higher center of gravity, large blind spots, and difficulty in stopping quickly or maneuvering quickly in a safe manner.

"Around these big trucks, especially this time of year, give them plenty of room and the truck drivers, they need to be aware of the problems associated with the vehicle they're driving and just plan extra time and slow down,” said Sergeant Andrew Hitt, Idaho State Police.

The two main safety tips to keep in mind for large trucks and all other drivers are to increase your following distance and reduce your speed.

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