Last minute Eclipse viewers looking for glasses

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - The Total Solar Eclipse happened today across The U.S. but you might have been one of the unlucky ones not to get glasses to see it.

Jari Howell went through a handful of stores in Twin Falls to find glasses for her granddaughters and she had no such luck.

"I've been all over this town finding some and everybody's out," Howell says of the solar glasses.

The Twin Falls Public Library held a Sun Block Viewing Party and they thought they had plenty of glasses on hand.

Reference librarian, Jennifer Hill, said they had quite a few glasses in stock. "We know that we handed about 500 pair of glasses in about fifteen minutes."

People coming and going, looking for glasses at the library but had no luck here.

"Everybody was saying go to the library, go to the library, so we came to the library," Howell says. They were all gone.

"When they come to ask us where to get them, unfortunately we don't know any area that has any of the glasses available," Tara Bartley, Director of the library says.

Some were prepared for the shortage but a recall of some glasses made things worse.

Tony Medina traveled three hours from Nevada just this morning to see the Eclipse with his homemade gadget and was only here for the hour.

"We've been trying to get some really good glasses but they were out so we made this invention," Medina says about his do-it-yourself pinhole 'glasses'. He also says they will be heading back to Nevada the same day since hotels are too expensive or they are all sold out.

Although some had trouble, most enjoyed the Eclipse viewing party.

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