Law enforcement discusses the rise in home security users

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) According to, home security systems are on track to be a multi-billion dollar market, with people becoming more and more focused on security.

Law enforcement discusses the rise in home security users (Source: KMVT/Jake Manuel Brasil)

Shawn O'Neil is the owner and operator of Viking Bail Bonds, who takes full advantage of of home security systems around his business and his personal home.

"My family was a victim of a home robbery when I was a very young boy," O'Neil said.

O'Neil said if home security systems were as prevalent back then as they are now, then the police could have had a better chance of tracking down the robber. He also believes that home security cameras will continue to become more prevalent.

"With the influx of people moving to Idaho, it brings with it a lot of big city problems to the state," O'Neil said.

The Jerome Police Department tells KMVT that home surveillance can also help them with their investigations.

"They are definitely beneficial to the police department, obviously they help once a crime has been committed, as you said, if it's a neighbors ring doorbell, it helps us catch them in the end," said Officer Lia Medina.

Home surveillance has the potential to give you piece of mind, and possibly help out law enforcement, but is there anything you should be concerned about before installing one?

"Anything that is on Wi-Fi has the ability to be hacked, so making sure that is pointed in appropriate directions, where if someone was viewing through your camera lens, what would they be looking at? Hacking is very rare, but the possibility is there, if it's going through wifi," Medina said.

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