Law enforcement finds new way to keep K-9s safe

RUPERT, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Protecting Police K-9s is as important as protecting officers. Some law enforcement agencies across the Magic Valley are taking the extra step in protecting their K-9 partners.

Toby works for the Minidoka County Sheriff's Department and keeping him safe is important to everyone.

One of the K-9 partners at the Minidoka County Sheriff’s Office, Toby, has a new bullet proof and knife proof vest.

"He sniffs for drugs, he’s also been trained for handler protection, so if somebody were to attack me, Toby would protect me," said Corporal Brandon Fry.

The sheriff’s office vows to keep him safe.

"The reason we procured the vest, is it’s a stab proof and bullet proof vest, so if somebody were to attack him this would protect him, it protects his vital areas without restricting his movement," Cpl. Fry said.

At the Shoshone Police Department, they have new technology to protect their K-9. It’s called the hot and pop system.

"If I’m in an active struggle for my safety and I’m losing the battle I’m able to remotely deploy my dog to come and assist me," said Chief Austin Smith.

Police K-9s are valuable for the whole community.

"They are such a phenomenal tool. Not only for our community, but surrounding communities. He helps us combat the drug epidemic, so he is very important to keep safe, and especially for me, he belongs to me," said Chief Smith.

Toby is part of the family.

"Not only here at the Sheriff’ office, but at home as well. My wife and other dogs get along with him really well. He’s more than just a co-worker he’s part of the family," Cpl. Fry said.

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