Law enforcement warns of items thrown from Perrine Bridge

Published: Jun. 28, 2018 at 1:51 PM MDT
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Before grabbing their life jackets and sliding their boats into the water, every person who rents a kayak or a paddle board from AWOL Adventure Sports is given a warning; don't hang out under the bridge.

"We stress that to everybody," said one of the owners Krysta Melni. "They can pass underneath it but they do not want to sit in one spot."

While this warning may sound humorous to some, the owners of the rental shop say they've seen it all.

"Anything from pennies to watermelons to shopping carts," Melni said. "We've seen everything go off of the side of that bridge."

Sgt Dan Thom with the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office said the action can have serious legal consequences.

"First offense is up to $300 and if you're caught a second time it can be a misdemeanor which is a charge up to $1,000 and 30 days in jail.

But the legality is not law enforcement's biggest concern.

"Fruit, rocks, any kind of garbage, first of all it's illegal, but it's very dangerous for people down below," Thom said.

We did the math. A 16 pound watermelon dropped from the 486 foot tall bridge would be traveling almost 120 miles per hour and hit the water with more than 7,000-foot pounds of force.

"Luckily we have been pretty fortunate that nobody's been injured since we've been down here," Melni said, "But we are definitely trying to prevent that from happening in the future."

If you see anyone throwing items from the bridge you're asked to call law enforcement on a nonemergency dispatch number .