Leaders in Learning - Painting to increase communication

Published: Jan. 22, 2019 at 10:39 PM MST
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Victoria Wilcox has been an educator for almost 40 years and uses grants to continuously build her classroom to benefit students.

KMVT’s Morgan Rumpf shares this week's Leaders in Learning.

"I always think of things I like to paint, and my teacher tells me all about stories and I paint it," kindergartener Tommy said.

In the past two years, Victoria Wilcox has used two different CapEd grants to bring additional resources into her classroom.

"I wrote a grant through DonorsChoose and was able to get a paint station. But when you have 30 children painting every week then you run out of paint," Wilcox said.

CapEd funded a grant that allowed her to purchase 11 gallons of paint and 300 pieces of paper, so the creativity never stops.

"It’s like a story, where a little tree grows and turned into all different kinds of trees, apple trees and flower trees," Tommy said of one of his paintings.

"Everybody has a paint day and they know what day they paint and they're so excited!" Wilcox explained.

The idea for the paint station came as a way to increase fine motor skills in her kindergartners and a way of self-expression.

“Sometimes children don't communicate with each other a lot,” Wilcox said. “So what I've found is they talk, but it's not about creativity. So by doing this I find that they're so excited to share their picture with somebody else or tell a story about it. So it's increased their language and their excitement about them."

Ms. Wilcox will continue to look for innovations to bring into her classroom, but right now she is excited to allow her students the ability to paint and communicate with one another.

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