Leaders in Learning — Student film festival helps kids learn about creativity

Published: Mar. 13, 2019 at 6:00 PM MDT
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Students from Shannon Youngman’s 5th grade class at Oregon Trail Elementary got to feel like Steven Spielberg Wednesday when showing off films they wrote, shot and came up with at the Orpheum Theater.

It was all part of what they're learning about this quarter in school. Youngman explained how she came up with the idea.

"We've been really focusing on the four Cs: creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication. And through that, the students were tasked with answering two guiding questions, what stories are worth sharing, and how do we share our voice?,” Youngman explained.

Youngman also said that the idea to do this has been a long time coming.

"This idea's kind of been my brain child for a while, of building an experience for students,” Youngman continued. “We were talking earlier with my group who did the water cycle, and their video was the rain drop story, they're never going to forget the water cycle because they had this experience with the water cycle."

KMVT also spoke with a few students about their film and what the hardest thing about it was.

"It was hard at times, because we had to film everything like 20,000 times,” said student Jene Prudent.

"We had to do almost our whole movie over again, because one of our jackets was the same color as the green screen... and editing the movie,” Brianna Holcomb said.

"Filming and trying to capture everything with just one shot,” Adan Alcaraz said.

Youngman said that the one thing that made this such an important project was that it will help the kids in the future.

"When we think about the future and what we want for our students, we want our students to move from being content consumers to content creators. And so this is definitely one way that helps enable them for that future,” Youngman said.

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