Leaders in Learning: Filer students take part in new exercise

Students at Filer take part in a new activity thanks to a grant from Cap Ed
Students at Filer take part in a new activity thanks to a grant from Cap Ed(KMVT)
Published: Jan. 10, 2020 at 2:53 PM MST
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Students at Filer Elementary and Intermediate Schools are learning a new way to get involved in PE and music, thanks to a grant from Cap Ed Credit Union, the students get to take part in drummercize.

Music teacher Bill Sweet’s wife works at Sawtooth Elementary School in Twin Falls, and introduced him to the program.

“So this summer, Mrs. Hollifield, our PE teacher and I were able to take a workshop, and we were excited after taking the workshop. So we came back to school and we sat down and looked at different resources and we applied at Cap Ed,” Sweet explained.

The grant bought all the balls and drumsticks.

“Then we contacted beam flooring America in Twin Falls and they were able to donate 40 carpet squares for us, and then our local milk company that brings the milk to our school every day, they donated all the milk crates,” Sweet stated.

The program combines music and PE time.

And it’s clear the kids loved it.

“I like that it's music and PE both together,” explained fifth grader Peyton Hollifield.

“I like that we get to do the dance too and then we also get a lot of exercise doing it and we also do get to do music,” added fellow fifth grader Tristen Chipman.

Classmate Shiloh Hills agreed.

“I like that we can put PE and music together, because those are my two favorite subjects,” Shiloh said.

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