Leaders in Learning: Grant funded STEM technology allows students endless possibilities

Published: Dec. 18, 2018 at 8:10 PM MST
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Middle schoolers in the Buhl School District are getting a head start on intuitive thinking, regarding technology.

Terry Silveus teaches 6th through 8th graders about technology, her class is hands on.

"Some students aren't as self-motivated as others, and this is entirely a self-motivated classroom,” Silveus explained. “So sometimes I have to push them to get them back on track but for the most part I think they've taken to it really well. I think they like to be able to choose the projects that they get to work on."

Her students at times are working on complex ideas that wouldn't be feasible without grant funded equipment.

"We're supposed to 3D print something that's supposed to help with natural resources,” shared seventh grader Cutler Atkinson. “So we are supposed to make up a problem and then fix it. So we thought about energy so we are making a generator that's nearly a perpetual motion machine with magnets."

Because of the in-class technology available to them Cutler and his group are making a mini prototype.

"Me, my dad and brother were talking about perpetual motion machines, and then my brother thought it would be cool if we could make a magnetic bearing for it so it would hover and then make less friction," said Cutler as he showed off the computer generated parts, and those that were already printed.

Silveus knows this is only benefiting her student's down the road.

"I think it prepares them very well for the future because that's basically what they're going to be doing,” Silveus said. “The careers that we haven't even thought of yet are the careers that they're going into. They need to know how to think out of the box in order to get there."

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