Leaders in Learning: Teacher buys classroom supplies with donated money

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) A Twin Falls teacher is turning to outside help to get money for supplies.

Alison Emmons reads to her 5th grade students, who are taking notes with clipboards purchased with money from Cap Ed.

In her first year of teaching, there were things Lincoln Elementary School 5th grade teacher Alison Emmons needed, which is where Cap Ed Credit Union came in.

“I happened to relocate here, so I needed a new credit union, so I was in there one day talking with one of the bankers, and he was telling me about a teacher grant, and I was like 'oh my gosh, that's so funny, I happen to have a Donors Choose', and in a week I had them donate to my Donors Choose account. So it was pretty awesome,” Emmons stated.

That money went to buy supplies, Emmons said.

“Mentor texts, clipboards, scissors and glue, clips for me, pens. Just tons of stuff you don't think you need, until it comes up,” Emmons explained.

Her students say they're happy with the purchases, but there's one students like the most.

“The clipboards really help us, so does the scissors, cause people sometimes they lose, or they don't have scissors, so they can use them,” Armando Meza said.

“The clipboards are really useful to us, so now we don't have to use the back of our white board,” explained Janette Luis.

Emmons explained the purpose of the clipboards.

“Having clipboards and stuff like that helps with the transitions in the classroom, because they know to grab clipboards and come to the carpet, it's just a routine now. Before it was a little hectic, papers would go flying or whatever, so having clipboards really does help,” Emmons explained.

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