Leaders in Learning: Teachers raise money for seating

An example of flexible seating (KMVT)
An example of flexible seating (KMVT)(KMVT)
Published: Dec. 6, 2019 at 4:11 PM MST
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Two Twin Falls School District teachers, one from Pillar Falls Elementary and the other from Harrison Elementary are trying to get flexible seating for their students.

Fourth grade teacher at Pillar Falls

got the idea from a coworker as well as online.

“Sheli Hulet over here at Pillar Falls has done a great job with her flexible seating. So I've kind of just gathered the idea from other teachers,” Messmer said.

Second grade teacher

had the same idea for her students at Harrison.

“Flexible seating is something that I've been very interested since I was in school, observing other teachers, ideas on Pinterest, following teachers on Instagram,” Yarbrourgh said.

Both are using

to raise the funds.

“Right now I have two standing desks, and one of the options that I want to include are some stools so that the kids have the option to sit at the standing desk if they want to. But then I also have lower floor seating that I would like to include,” Messmer said

All to help their students.

“They are in charge of their seating, so they get to make a choice that best fits themselves. Some people are not comfortable sitting on just plain carpet or a chair, so maybe a cushion or a stool is a better fit for them,” Yarbrough said.

“It helps them feel like they have a choice in where they get to be seated, and it really helps with the community of the classroom. And it also helps them to get oxygen to their brains so that they can really be good thinkers throughout the day,” Messmer said.

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