Leaders in Learning: Yoga to ease test anxiety

Published: Dec. 12, 2018 at 9:08 PM MST
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Inside Stacie Pollard's fourth grade class at Glenns Ferry Elementary School, she found her students were stressed anticipating tests.

KMVT’s Morgan Rumpf has this week’s Leader’s in Learning diving into the stress solution.

"Last year I had a lot of students stressing about math tests,” Stacie Pollard said. “I sat back and thought what am I going to do to help these kids get over this stress, of taking a test?"

Fourth grade teacher Stacie Pollard applied for a grant through CapEd Credit Union to purchase yoga mats for her classroom.

"I read an article online that yoga helps out with all of that. It clears your mind, and so we kind of looked around on YouTube and found some videos and had fun doing it,” Pollard said. “Then when the CapEd grant came around every month, we applied for it and luckily they gave us enough to purchase 25 mats."

"Sometimes some of us get a little frustrated and then yoga kind of makes our minds feel calm," said 9 year-old student Brinley Oldham.

Pollard is not a yoga instructor, and learns from the videos just as much as her students.

"My biggest thing for other teachers is to let them know you don't have to be an expert at everything,” Pollard said. “It's awesome to try new things in your classroom, the kids appreciate it, and we learn things together. A lot of times they're helping me learn how to do things."

To the students it's more than a few poses, and deep breathing exercises.

"It teaches us how to have a growth mind set, and to believe in ourselves," Brinley said.

"We all come to work, we all come to school with these stresses and anything that helps them think academically, the more you get from them," Pollard said.

Brinley wants more teachers to include yoga breaks in their lesson plans.

“I feel like that would be awesome if they did it because it helps me and I'm pretty sure it helps all the rest of my classmates," Brinley said.

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