League of Women Voters of Idaho are asking for your vote

TWIN FALLS, Id. (KMVT / KSVT) The League of Women Voters of Idaho is working to get more money for education and is asking for your help through an initiative to change the law on state sales tax.

The state legislature cannot fund Idaho schools adequately because there is not enough money in the treasury.

This is due to many sales tax exemptions such as heavy interstate trucks, Idaho National Labs, and funeral caskets.

The League of Women Voters of Idaho have an initiative to change the law and eliminate those 22 sales tax exemptions and add sales tax to 12 services that are not now taxed, like construction services, repair services, and lottery tickets.

This would give $424,000,000 back into the state treasury, if passed, after 2017.

More money would be in the general fund for legislature to use for the schools and everybody would be giving their fair share.

"This petition, this initiative, would reduce the sales tax to 5% from 6%. So it would benefit everybody, particularly lower income people. They would be paying less sales tax on everything they did,” said Muriel Roberts, League of Women Voters of Idaho.

You can go online to www.fairshareidaho.org to download a petition or ask for one to be sent to you.

47,000 signatures are needed but they are looking for 60,000.

The petition will go until April 1st and be on the November 2016 ballot.

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