Lincoln County lowers courthouse bond amount to $5M

SHOSHONE, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Lincoln County Commissioners and other community members held an emergency meeting Wednesday in Shoshone to discuss the upcoming courthouse bond.

Richard Roates explains why he thinks the court house bond is necessary.

The bond is listed on the ballot for $5.8 million, but in a county commissioner meeting Wednesday morning they unanimously voted to lower the bond rate to a $5 million.

They held the meeting to educate residents of Lincoln County about what exactly they would be using the money from the bond for, and how much the taxes would be raised for residents.

The Lincoln County Prosecutor Richard Roats explains why he thinks a bond is needed.

"Last week, we had a person in a wheelchair who was sentenced to court, and we could not do that here in Lincoln County, we had to transport that individual in court up to Blaine County to have that individual sentenced," he said. "Not only is that somewhat of an embarrassment in my opinion, it's negligent. We have a facility here that is not ADA compliant. If someone needs to access the court facility they can not do that."

If this bond passes on Nov. 5, on a $100,000 property assessment, taxes would go up roughly $81 a year.

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