Lincoln County man writes guest story for football column

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RICHFIELD, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Hugh Royal, a Richfield resident, got the opportunity of a lifetime, getting to write a column on football, filling in for columnist Peter King.

“Peter King writes a column called Football Morning in America, every Monday, and he takes some time off in the summer, and this year he opened it up to readers to send in 150 words or less on why they would want to be the guest columnist, and what they would write about,” Royal explained.

Out of 350 hopefuls, Royal was selected to fill in for King.

“It didn't take that long to write, but it took a long time to go through the editing and it was in early, so it just took a while,” Royal explained.

Royal’s inspiration came from one place.

“It was quite a bit about the town, and the fans and the bar. I mean, that's kind of what made the whole thing really. We had an NFL night here, and every one brought their jerseys down, and had a good time, drank a few beers, and gave each other a lot of crap, and that's where a lot of it came from,” Royal stated.

The reaction from both strangers and people he knows has been good.

“The feedback online's been very good, that I've seen. Annie posted it on Facebook and all of that's been really good feedback, and just people who see me in town that don't post online have feedback that it's really good,” Royal said.

Annie West, one of Royal’s friends, said she wasn’t surprised he was selected.

“I was really excited, because you know, Hugh is a great writer, he's actually written novels, but he's never published them. And so it was exciting for me. He watches sports everyday, he knows everything about it, so I felt like he deserved it, and was a great opportunity,” West stated.

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