Local credit unions working with clients during government shutdown

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The government shutdown has left workers without paychecks and for some this means missing bill payments. In the Gem State KMVT reached out to local credit unions to ask what they are doing to help their customers.

Idaho Central Credit Union announced Wednesday a program to assist current account holders so they wouldn't be in a difficult financial situation.

Account holders needing assistance can go into a branch or call and speak with a representative about their options.

“So there's a lot of things we are trying to do to help people who are in this difficult situation," said Branch Manager Brett Buckley. "From waiving fees to doing for example if someone qualifies, one of our members who is struggling we can do a payroll advance with zero percent interest."

CapEd Credit Union during this time is utilizing pre-existing programs to work one-on-one with clients to give them assistance as needed.

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