Local family using personal loss to spread love to those in need

Published: Sep. 4, 2018 at 9:35 PM MDT
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While walking across the Perrine Bridge you may see bracelets hanging from the railings.

The bracelet's say two simple words "Love Yourself". The bracelets are in remembrance of Skyler Gardner who took his own life in March.

His family remembers him as someone who loved his friends and family but failed to love himself.

In their attempt to help others who may be considering suicide they pass out these bracelets to continuously spread love.

When they heard of a recent suicide in Twin Falls they decided the bridge was a great place to share this message.

"My daughter suggested that we line the bridge with these love yourself bands with our website on them to promote self-love and awareness," said Skyler’s mother Wendy.

"One of the very special things about the bands is that they represent hope and purpose,” said Schuyler’s father Blake. “And as we go through hard things in our lives we always feel a lack of hope or a lack of purpose. And those things do pass with time, and the band is to help us remember that hope can return and purpose can be found. And to be patient with ourselves as we are striving to do that."

The entire Gardner family hopes to continue to use their platform to not be seen as a grieving family but a vessel to promote positivity and love.