Local farm introduces homesteaders fair for learning opportunities

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Homesteading can be a unique way for someone to learn a new hobby and that's what the first Backyard Homesteading Fair 2019 in Twin Falls aimed to do.

On Saturday, the fair had its last day at Tubb's Berry Farm.The two-day event gave guests an opportunity to dive in and participate in soap making or bread making, from raising chickens, quilting, gopher trapping, backyard beekeeping to many more homesteading interests.

The event invited several guests to set up at the farm and organizers said they had a great turnout for their first time.

"I have multiple times how excited... that how accessible soap making is," said organizer Heidi Tubbs. "The presenters have been excellent, the vendors have been amazing and the crowd has been really great."

Tubbs said she hopes this will continue as an annual fair and said for those that might have missed it, her advice is to follow them on social media to keep up on the latest.

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