Local farm tests new biodegradable plastic mulch

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) At Tubbs Farm there are more than 30 different kind of pumpkins growing right now. They are growing on a new biodegradable plastic mulch.

Heidi Tubbs says the mulch is super efficient, holds in water, so it uses very little water, and it cuts down on weeding. As if that wasn't enough she says they will till it into the soil at the end of the season and it will feed the soil.

She says the mulch is a new product made in Idaho and they are happy to give it a test run.

She also that the Tubbs Farm is happy to help people garden with this or any other product.

"We sell garden kits for home gardeners, we do sell the mulch, we rent out and sell the equipment to actually do it large scale so if you want to do things this way we definitely can help you do that," she said.

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