Eden potato farm deals with hailstorm aftermath

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EDEN, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - After Thursday's thunderstorms and hail, Brandon Christopherson saw damage to a spud farm he works at. Christopherson works at Lockwood Farms in Eden and was out doing other work when he came across the spud farm.

"When we came by here and seen it, it was just ouch," he said.

He said the crops will survive, but the plants will struggle.

"This'll set back the crop two to three weeks probably, because it's got to regrow the leaves," he said.

Christopherson said the crops were "nice and bushy" plants and now they're just mulched.

"It's pretty crazy what the weather can do to crops," he said.

Now, the spud crop will have to heal itself before producing potatoes.

He said the hail that struck was about the size of a dime.

"It was just right in between the rows of those spuds. Just handfuls of hail," he said.

They try to plan before a storm, Christopherson said.

"We have our watering schedule and if it comes through and dumps a half inch of rain, we've got to adjust it so we don't put down too much water," he said.

He said they shut all their pivots off, all 26 of them.

"Whenever we get storm and this throws us off. Then we got to re-plan. New day the next day," he said.

Now they have to wait a few more weeks in the fall before being able to harvest the crop.

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