Local kids have chance for space competition

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT.KSVT) Kids in the magic valley are getting some coding experience this summer thanks to a program at CSI.

The Zero Robotics Camp started on July 5th and runs for about a month. The camp splits middle school aged kids into five teams of about five and they will spend the summer learning mostly coding skills, but some science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, skills as well.

At the end of the camp the teams will compete in a statewide competition where they will use the code to control robots. The winner of that will compete against teams from other states with a robot in the NASA space station.

The program teaches primarily coding and it's organizers say while it is too late to sign up this year that they will be doing it again next year.

"Mark your calendar for next year, this is going to be a fantastic opportunity it's sponsored by NASA, MIT, the Idaho After School Project," said RD Van Noy, the master trainer for the program. "There is a lot of really powerful players here making these resources and opportunities available to kids at the middle school age which I think is fantastic."

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