Low unemployment rates effects local businesses

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Idaho Department of Labor announced that the unemployment rate in September was 2.8 percent. That's the lowest it has been since 1976. Who are the 2.8 percent left unemployed?

“It’s that combination of folks that transition between jobs as well as those who are long term unemployed, or maybe not have the skills that are needed in today’s economy,” said Regional Business Specialist Brent Tolman.

Local businesses feel this first hand especially when looking to hire new employees.

“I feel like as a business owner, you have to really work a little bit harder to find qualified employees,” said Erin Rigel.

Rigel opened Fashion 15 Below in downtown Twin Falls in February of 2016. She chose the downtown area because it was a new growing community and a great place for a local business to get started.

“We love the downtown area. We love all of the renovations and everything that’s happening down here. So we are excited to see the growth of all the new businesses that are coming down here,” Rigel said.

Since opening, her business has expanded into the building next to the store front where they focus on online sales. As a local business, expansion is a great thing. Rigel started with a team of four employees, which has now grown to 15.

But low unemployment rates are a good thing, right?

“It does create challenges for employers. We’ve heard that from many employers who are looking for folks that have those, what we call soft skills, that will show up to work on time, be there every day, are willing to work hard, have a good, strong work ethic. Those are the qualifications most employers are seeking at the present time. Then they will provide the technical training employees need to perform on the job,” Tolman said.

There are jobs available in the Magic Valley for those who are willing to work for them.

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