Magic Valley Firefighters helping other state wild land fires

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(KMVT/KSVT) - Three fire trucks from the Magic Valley are down in Nevada, helping out the state with their fires.

Rock Creek Firefighter Taylor Hunsaker said they are all on a two week assignment in Winnemucca, Nev. There is also Twin Falls Fire, Gooding and some folks from the Bureau of Land Management from the Twin Falls District. They've been there since July 23.

"When we first got down here, we got shipped to what they called the Summit Fire and it was the largest fire Nevada has had so far this year. It’s 6,500 acres fire," Hunsaker said.

This assignment is contracted through the state and the Department of Lands to help out other wild land fires regardless of how big the flames are.

"Wait for fires to start and they’re just predicting a bunch of them," he said. "There’s a lot lightning coming through the next few days and just being prepared to help them out."

Sometimes they're not always there for the two full weeks if there is no need for it. However, they do work with many other people while out on the calls.

"You meet a lot of cool people, you make new friends, new ways to do different things and it's a good experience for people who have never, firefighters who have never done this," he said. "We have one of these guys on the fire with us and they've never been on one of these fires with us and this is the first year for him to go out, and it's a good learning experience for him."

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